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Anonymous: Not exactly daily, now is it? 

Yes, I know.

But if other people would ask to help make this blog more active, maybe it would go back to being daily. The other members of this blog don’t even post anything to help me out.

I don’t even get on my personal blog that much any more, and I see Tomb Raider posts even less than that.

If people want this blog to be more active, then people should ask to become a member, because I bet other people have a lot more Tomb Raider on my dash than me.

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Can’t follow back, this is a secondary blog.


A Survivor is Born

Lara Croft is 21 years old, just out of University and on her first expedition seeking the lost civilization of Yamatai. Their research vessel, the Endurance, is wrecked by a vicious storm and Lara is tossed into the blackness of a raging sea. She washes ashore a mysterious island without resources and with little hope of rescue. Her crew is scattered and hunted by a hostile group of inhabitants and Lara must face her fears, push forward if she hopes to survive. 

- Brian Horton, senior art director.